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Welcome to Alliance School Of Languages

We help you to learn different languages

Language Breaks Barriers

Get to know more international languages


To provide education and training that equips students with diverse skills hence advance themselves and make a significant, useful contribution to their communities.

What we offer

We have Adult and Children classes

We offer an International Diploma

We prepare students for DELF / DALF exams

We do translation and interpretation


To create life changing opportunities for students to nature them to realise better futures for themselves and their families.


Admissions are open for both Certificate and Diploma students.
We welcome the international community who have come to work in Uganda, pay us a brief visit and we will make your stay in the country memorable because we will work with you to break any language barrier challenges.
Bring candidates in their vacation

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Core values

1. Professionallly planned and executed programs.
2. Positive and fulfilling learning environment.
3. Respect of individuals and cultural backgrounds.
4. Improving living standards of the communuty.

Recent News

Except teaching languages, we also do the work of translating and interpreting

We managed to work with an international organization which is called, IGZ.

We did interpreting in a conference at IGZ which gethered over 19 countries worldwide

Group tours to historical sites

Preparing traditional dishes that connect a given culture

Group co-curricular activities